Merger Control


Serbia and other countries in the region have ex ante merger control systems. This means that, if the merger filing thresholds are exceeded, the implementation of a transaction that constitutes a concentration has to be postponed after the relevant merger clearances are obtained.

Yet, be aware that merger filing thresholds in some of the countries in the region, such as Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia, are very low and structured in a way so that many transactions with no ties to these jurisdictions do actually exceed the thresholds.

Considering merger filing requirements already at early stages of a deal is recommendable to avoid surprises, last-minute changes to the deal-timetable and of course investigations and fines for gun-jumping.

Our team is composed of experienced merger control experts that worked on numerous multijurisdictional merger filings, frequently covering three or more jurisdictions, involving both Phase I and Phase II cases. Our team members are well recognized and respected by local authorities and our submissions warrant the most efficient handling. Our one-stop-shop merger control solutions covering the entire region are reliable and efficient.

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